Helping you leave a legacy to the people & causes you care about most.

If you’re like most of our clients, growing your assets isn’t enough. You also want to make sure your assets are available after your death to support the people you love and the causes that are important to you. We’re here to help ensure your estate planning goals are carried out according to your wishes.

The most common reasons to establish an estate plan are:

To protect yourself & your family while you’re alive

If you become incapacitated, having a solid estate plan can protect your interests & give your loved ones authority to act on your behalf.

To provide clarity

Providing clear instructions on how assets should be passed along can reduce disagreements among family members.

To avoid the stress of probate

An estate plan can keep your assets out of probate which often saves between 3-7% of the value of your estate, plus probate can take years sometimes and your assets are locked up during this time. An estate plan can usually make sure assets pass to who you intend within weeks.

To save on taxes & pass along more wealth

If you’re subject to estate taxes or maybe in the future, an estate plan can help prevent your family from paying more in taxes than is necessary.

Estate planning attorneys who fit for you

We have interviewed, know, and trust a lineup of estate planning attorneys that can help execute the documents necessary to see your estate plan through.

Based on your specific goals, we’ll identify which attorneys that we know would likely be the best fit, then work with you and your attorney to implement the right combination of the following:


Life insurance trusts

Charitable trusts

Marital agreements


Revocable trusts

Durable powers of attorney

Special needs trusts

Irrevocable trusts

Healthcare powers of attorney

Then we’ll help coordinate your beneficiary designations & the titling of your accounts to fit into your estate plan. We need help from other professionals, but ultimately we’re responsible for making sure all the pieces fit together.

Want to learn what estate planning documents make sense for you?