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Quick Clarification

Hiring Us to Analyze:

Your investments come with no long-term commitment. Think of it as a professional second opinion that you can take or leave, no strings attached.

Hiring Us to Manage:

Your investments is absolutely a long-term decision. One that will probably last many decades & possibly even outlive you. For this reason, choosing a long-term investment manager is a decision that should not be made, or changed, lightly.


Investment Management

Investment Strategies Crafted to Fit Your Plan

First things first, managing an investment portfolio can only ever be done in the context of a comprehensive financial plan. Without that context we have neither purpose nor a framework to measure success.

Behavioral Coaching

We act as a buffer between you and the decisions you make about your investments.

We’ll bring investment ideas to the table, and you can bounce ideas off us, but our most valuable role is to manage you. Inspiring you to do the right things and counseling you from mistakes is our most important role. And the one that pays for itself many times over.

A Portfolio Tailored to You

Our goal is not for your portfolio to earn the most money possible, it’s for your portfolio to earn the most money possible for you.

We have three sets of starting portfolios that hold all our best ideas. Each set spans the risk spectrum: from “keep up with inflation, but no more risk than that,” to “I could care less how big the swings are, just make it grow as much as possible.

Our Select Lineup has a simple goal, with no concern for anything else: Create the highest return possible for the selected amount of risk.

Our ESG Lineup has the same goal, but instead of ONLY looking at the rate of return, we ALSO consider non-financial factors (like the environmental or social responsibility of a company) to decide it’s place in a portfolio.

Our Tax Aware Lineup has the same goal as the Select Lineup, but we intentionally give up a bit of the total earnings to reduce the taxes you’ll owe. This makes the tax adjusted return (what you take home after taxes) higher for people in the highest brackets.


Research So You Don’t Have To

It takes a lot of time to stay up to date and some deep expertise to filter out the noise that makes up the world of portfolio management.

Delegation in its purest form. Having us manage your investments allows you to not have to worry about keeping up with what’s going on in the investment world.

We are constantly analyzing our lineup of portfolios and making changes as it makes sense, so that you can have your time to spend on whatever you’d rather spend it on.

Get the highest return at the risk level that’s right for you

This is the world of some complex math and analytics, but we have industry leading software that helps bring these complexities to life in ways that make sense to people who don’t nerd out on this stuff every day.

We’ll map out where all your current investments fall in relation to your own personal amount of risk, then show you what can be done to get you in alignment – all while maximizing the amount of money you’ll be earning. We’ll either help you make these changes or work with your investment advisor to update your portfolios accordingly.

Investing FAQs

What is a fiduciary?
  • Some financial planning professionals (surprisingly) have no legal fiduciary duty at all.
  • Most professionals with the title financial advisor have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the client “for the account he or she is managing.”
  • A Certified Financial Planner has an obligation to act as a fiduciary whenever financial advice is being given.
  • These subtle differences go a long way in the development of trust and it’s important to understand where your advisor stands.
What are your fees?

We charge one simple fee for ongoing investment management, because financial planning should be simple. You pay a single all-in fee inclusive of fund fees, platform fees, and advisory fees for us to take discretionary authority over the management of your investments. This fee is determined by the amount of money you have under our management.

  • If you have under $1 million of invested assets the fee is 1.5% per year (or 0.38% per quarter).
  • If you have between $1 – $2.5 million the fee is 1% per year (or 0.25% per quarter)..
  • If you have more than $2.5 million your fee is 0.6% per year (or 0.15% per quarter.
What return can I expect to earn on my money?

It’s impossible to say for sure, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

It’s impossible to say for sure, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The more short-term volatility you decide to endure, the more your long-term returns will likely be.
  • Success in investing is not as much tied to achieving the highest return, but in achieving your financial goals. Earning the rate of return you need is more important than blindly chasing a higher rate of return.
  • The answer to this question is dependent on many factors, all of which are constantly changing; both inside your own mind and in the outside world. However, it’s still a good question, and one to keep asking.
Who has custody of my funds if I hire you?

The vast majority of the time we use LPL Financial. As befits the situation, we will on occasion use other mutual fund companies, insurance companies, or direct participation companies to fit specific products or strategies.

Do you have account minimums?

Although certain investment strategies only become available as account minimum thresholds are reached, we believe very strongly that investing should take place as it fits within your financial plan – and that account minimums fly in the face of that. Regardless of your starting point, we’ll help you get started.

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