The largest bill you’ll likely ever pay is to the IRS.

Let’s make sure that bill isn’t any larger than it needs to be.

We see so much wasted money because people don’t have the time or expertise to do thoughtful, proactive tax planning. We bring strategies to the table that focuses in two areas:

Income Tax Planning

Especially if you own a business or are about to retire, there are almost countless tax planning strategies available – and we’re always learning more. Here are the most common:

Finding deductions or credits you didn’t know about

Moving around when taxes have to be paid

Avoiding any tax at all for specific parts of your income

Annual Tax Return Analysis

Investment Tax Planning

While investment selection & asset allocation are still the most important factors affecting your returns, minimizing the effects of taxes on a portfolio isn’t very far behind. Most studies measure the impact of good tax planning inside an investment portfolio to be valued between 0.5-1.5%. EVERY year.

That’s a lot of money over time. Here’s an example:

$100,000 invested at a 4% return for 20 years

Blue Line = 3.75% annual return (losing 0.25% to taxes)

Red Line = 3.75% annual return (losing 0.5% to taxes)

Green Line = 3.75% annual return (losing 1% to taxes)

In this example, 1% lost to taxes reduced the portfolio value by about $30,000.

We’ll work closely with your CPA to make sure all the strategies we uncover are carried out in the correct way.

They probably know things we don’t and we most likely know things they don’t. And if you don’t already have a great CPA, we’ll introduce you to someone we’ve already interviewed on your behalf that we know and trust.

Want to learn more about lowering your bill?